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Image by Weston MacKinnon

Studio 2: Site

The site we were given was the Father Hennepin Park, located on the North bank of the Mississippi River. During this studio we were asked to design an "installation" that helped in revealing a characteristic of the site. I found myself completely blocked off from the sounds of the city, and surrounded by sounds of the natural environment around me. These Installations helping in informing my Final Project which was to reveal the rich complexities of this site (and the surrounding area) to the larger audience. The program of the building was an “interpretive” center for this unique landscape, not just by providing broader academic and historical context for area, but by directly “revealing” meaningful aspects of the site through direct architectural engagement.


The two installations were designed to limit one sense while enhancing another. In the first installation you walk into a noise chamber where you can only hear the sound of the waterfall which is in front of you. When you walk into the second chamber you can now see the waterfall but cannot hear it. It isn't until you walk all the way through the installation when you can both see and hear the waterfall at once. Its same Idea for the second installation except instead of hiding the waterfall I chose to hide the wind.  In the first room you can see the movement of the trees around you, but cannot hear the rustle of leaves. Once you enter the second room you cannot see the leaves, or branches but the wind whistles through the designed holes in the walls. 

*Due to file corruption I lost 90% of my final work for this portion of this project. (the morning before Final Review too)

Process Work

Final Presentation

For my Final Iteration for this project I was captivated by Chladni Plates and how sound interacts with the built environment. The dimensions of the buildings are perfectly measured to the frequency of the site, which was 392 Hz. This means that in places, like the two exterior patios, the natural sound of the site is amplified. 

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